Information EurOpen 2018

EurOpen Modern Dance Championship  
Budapest, Hungary

June 22nd-24th 2018

This is the 4th EurOpen Modern Dance Championship organised by Hungarian Modern Dance Sport Federation.

EurOpen Modern Dance Championship 2018 Budapest, Hungary

  • more than 1300 dancers
  • 5 countries: Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia and Hungary
  • more than 530 choreographies

Registration trough our website

Deadline: May 20th 2018

but please let us know before if you interested in participation.

Start fee: solo: 10 Euro
duo-trio, 7 Euro/person
group, formation: 5 Euro/person

Dance disciplines: Free Show, Acrobatic Show, Fantasy, Dance Show, Contemporary-Modern, Street Dance (Hip-hop, Funky, Break), Disco, Open.

Programme planned: 

Friday - Free Show, Acrobatic Show, Fantasy,
Saturday - Dance Show, Contemporary-Modern,
Sunday - Street Dance (Hip-hop, Funky, Break), Disco, Open.


  • Solo: naturally danced by only one dancer
  • Duo-Trio: danced by minimum 2, maximum 3 dancers.
  • Group: danced by minimum 4, maximum 10 dancers.
  • Formation: danced by minimum 11 dancers.


for SOLO and DUO/TRIO categories in the year 2018:

MINI: dancers born in 2009 or younger
KID: dancers born in 2007-2008
YOUTH: dancers born in 2005-2006
TEEN: dancers born in 2003-2004
JUNIOR: dancers born in 2001-2002
ADULT: dancers born in 2000 and those being older. 

AGE GROUPS for GROUP and FORMATION categories in the year 2018:

MINI: dancers born in 2008 or younger
YOUTH: dancers born in 2005-2006-2007
JUNIOR: dancers born in 2002-2003-2004
ADULT: dancers born in 2001 and those being older.

Prices: diplomas for every dancers, and trophies to the 1st - 3rd places.

Jury members are high qualified international judges, there are 5 judges in each category.

The dance area is 12 x 10 m covered by plastic carpet, in Free Show categories by fitness carpet.

Please see the Rules also.

Please make your hotel reservation in time.

You can find hotels and apartments near the competition clicking hotels offer

If the link doesn’t work, write this location in

Pestszentlőrinc - Pestszentimre, Budapest XVIII.


EurOpen Modern Dance Championship will be placed in a modern sport hall in Budapest:

Pestszentimrei Sportkastély
1188 Budapest, Kisfaludy u. 33/C

You can find it on google maps, click Sport hall

If you are interested in EurOpen Modern Dance Championship please let us know as soon as possible, how many competitors would take part, because the nominations are limited in every category.

If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organiser: MTMSZ Hungary

Contact: Mária Szendi-Horváth President of MTMSZ        


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